Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Three great options for kitchen cabinet refinishing

Fingerprints, grease, and time can leave scratches, dings, dents, and discolouration. It’s time for kitchen cabinet refinishing! Every time you open a door, you think that you need to do something about this sooner or later. Why not contact Moncton kitchen cabinet refinishers The Spray Shop today?

Moncton kitchen cabinet refinishing - The Spray Shop

1. Full Service

Solid sprayed cabinets look elegant and brighten up any kitchen. You can spend big money getting all new cabinets like these installed, or you can have Moncton kitchen cabinet refinishing company The Spray Shop refinish your existing cabinets with a gorgeous solid finish.

We provide convenience by taking care of all your cabinet refinishing needs. This is NOT do-it-yourself cabinet painting. The results of our kitchen refinishing projects speak for themselves.

Love the Convenience!

2. Team Approach

Do you prefer to share the work load and save money as your doors are professionally sprayed?​ Our skilled Moncton kitchen cabinet painters understand state-of-the-art paint technology with a little artistic magic to create a truly stunning cabinet door look. ​

We will teach you the process and provide you the supplies you need to refinish your cabinet frames.

Working Together is Great!

3. New Hardware

There is nothing quite like new hardware to revamp your kitchen feel. The right hinges and handles can complete your kitchen cabinet makeover.​

Choose from many options that are sure to bring your newly refinished cabinets up to speed in style. Ask us about our  hidden hinge conversion options.

Style is in the Details…

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing FAQ:

If you’re looking for a beautiful finish on your cabinet doors, it’s a job best left to the pros. We have the right facility, equipment, and know-how to create a beautiful and lasting result every time.

If you do want to save a few dollars, you can handle the cabinet boxes yourself and deliver and pick up your cabinet doors for spraying at our facility. You get the benefit of professionally finished doors at a rock-bottom total project cost.

We offer a 3 year adhesion warranty on doors and cabinet boxes that we refinish. This protects you against any defects resulting from workmanship or materials.

This will vary depending on your setup, location, and desired look. For a very accurate quote, you can click here to email us some pictures of your kitchen and a count of each type of door or drawer.

We are proud to serve Moncton, Dieppe, Riverview, Shediac, Salisbury, and surrounding areas.

If you are located outside our service area and still want your cabinet doors professionally refinished, you can bring us the doors and find someone local to paint the boxes. We’re here to help!

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